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(May 28, 2013 – CARLSBAD, CA) - Super-Sod is one of the South’s largest producers of quality turfgrass sod and seed. They have several locations in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The turf farmers at Super-Sod are experts at growing sod of all types and know what healthy grass roots need. They understand the innovative design of Drivable Grass® allows for grass roots to spread laterally in four directions. Other pavers have sectioned-off growing areas that constrict spreading stolon growth and weaken the lawn. The Sod Experts at Super-Sod deem the design of Drivable Grass® to be the best pavement system on the market for healthy turf roots, “we finally found a plantable pavement system that handles sod the way we believe it should be….”.

Soil Retention is excited to team up with qualified experts that understand how the product was defined and the company’s marketing objectives.