EnviroFlex Product Info

The ACB System That Won’t Overturn


Cost Effective
No Maintenance

Competitive Advantages

Vertical interlock
0″ Protrusion
Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Easy Installation
No Cables Required
No Cranes Needed

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Enviroflex® is a tapered, vertically interlocking articulating concrete block (ACB) system designed for erosion control use in riverine, channel, or other areas with high velocity flows that are subject to scour. Each block vertically interlocks with an overlapping connection, eliminating the block’s ability to protrude relative to other blocks. Enviroflex® is manufactured from fiber reinforced concrete for added tensile strength. Openings in the block allow for infiltration and groundwater recharge to help mitigate flooding and storm water pollution. The openings also allow for vegetation to establish which promotes biofiltration and results in a green, natural, and environmentally pleasing appearance.

Enviroflex® offers a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to rip-rap, gabion mattresses, solid concrete or asphalt linings, and other hard armor systems. The thin profile of Enviroflex® requires less excavation, trucking, and handling compared to most traditional systems. Maintenance costs are also reduced by eliminating graffiti potential or pouring on more rocks after a major storm. The products ability to accept sediment infill from storm events allows the establishment of riparian plants and enables cyclical natural habitat while providing a stable and scour proof bottom.


Enviroflex® is a palletized product that can be delivered right to the installation site and is easily placed with small track equipment in locations where cranes would find it difficult to reach. Using a specialized grappling tool allows placement of four pieces (13 sq. ft.) at a time for rapid installation. The installation method also eliminates gaps between blocks that limit hydraulic performance. Enviroflex® does not rely on cables for hydraulic stability and can be assumed to have 0” protrusion for design. Enviroflex® is FHWA tested.