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Vienza Winery at Europa Village
Temecula, CA

Main Use: Verdura® Retaining Walls















5792 West Jefferson
Los Angeles, CA

Main Use: Drivable Grass® Exterior Patio + Vehicular Driveway

Photo Credit: Eric Owen Moss Architects

January 24, 2022

“The beauty and performance of the product speaks for itself.”

Dolan Daggett, Project Director

Eric Owen Moss Architects


Rolling Hills Estates, CA

December 04, 2017

Darien, I want to thank you and Jon for finishing all the Verdura walls last week. I want to recognize that your company is a top notch professional company!! Your employees are no nonsense, work hard, and get it done!!! How refreshing to see an outfit that has that zeal!! Thanks for jumping in and getting us out of the way and in a slam dunk manner! It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company, and please send this message to Jon. Thank you Larry


Thank You
Larry W. Miller
General Superintendent
Hazard Construction Co.
Cell: 858-740-1433
Office: 858-587-3600 Ext. 179

Diamond Bar, CA

January 09, 2015

Dear Jan, Darien and Soil Retention Team –

You guys delivered big time at Willow Heights and I wanted to say thank you.  The Verdura plantable wall system enabled us to increase our useable land and yield more homes,  was less expensive than traditional retaining walls and construction took less than half the time.  Bottom line it was less expensive, faster to construct and looks phenomenal at the Willow Heights project.  The icing on the cake is that the Verdura wall allows for and creates a tremendous amount of plantable area and greenery which softens the feel of the large walls.  They look great and I know they will stay looking great, just like the ones I’ve done elsewhere.  Thanks Soil Retention, see you on the next one!


Lester Tucker
Sr. Director of Development
Lennar Homes of California