7 August 2017

Enviroflex® Installation at Johnson Creek in Arlington, TX

The City of Arlington, TX recently opened a new bridge over Johnson Creek near Cowboys stadium. The new bridge was constructed nine feet higher than the old bridge and an old drainage culvert was replaced with a wider open channel to alleviate flooding during heavy storms. The project civil engineer, Wier & Associates, Inc., specified [...]

3 August 2017

San Diego Gas & Electric uses Drivable Grass® solution

San Diego Gas & Electric required a long term slope stabilization, erosion control, and storm water runoff control system to be installed on 2:1 slopes for a new substation located in Chula Vista, CA. The city determined that Soil Retention’s Drivable Grass® system was the best solution for their needs and also provided an aesthetically [...]

15 February 2017

Drip Irrigation meets Drivable Grass®

Drivable Grass® has originally been designed with the intention to have commonly used spray irrigation systems installed underneath the product, including fitting sprinkler heads through cut voids of the mat or spraying from outside the installation. The conventional overspray irrigation system has been used successfully with Drivable Grass® for many years. Soil Retention, manufacturer of [...]

15 February 2017

Soil Retention Systems Installs VERDURA® Retaining Walls at Marywood Hills

Multiple fully plantable Verdura® Retaining Walls were installed during the fall of 2016 at Marywood Hills by Soil Retention Systems, Inc.  The re-development plan for a 16-acre site into a 40 residential lot project with spectacular panoramic views included multiple Verdura® Walls within a challenging grading geometry.  The construction of 21,000 sf of wall with [...]

15 February 2017

ENVIROFLEX®: One product – many applications

Enviroflex® is a fiber reinforced articulated concrete block for erosion control and scour protection. Following Soil Retention’s philosophy of performance of product and overall system instead of pure ease of manufacturing, Enviroflex® is cast as a tapered and vertically interlocking block (hard to make but very effective). Some flood control designers and major dam hydraulic [...]