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Verdura® Retaining Wall Installed at Morgan Heights - A D.R. Horton Development

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verdura_retaining_wall_installed_at_morgan_heights_d_r_horton_opt(April 15, 2013 – TEMECULA, CA) - A fully plantable Verdura® Retaining Wall was installed in April at Morgan Heights by Soil Retention Systems, Inc. with a maximum height of 30 feet and a length of 575 feet for the new development.  The construction took 8 days to complete the nearly 10,000 sf of wall and was built in concurrence with the site grading without false-filling by Mesa Contracting.

verdura_retaining_wall_installed_at_sycamore_creek_optThe Verdura® Retaining Wall System is the most dependable retaining wall system on the market and Soil Retention offers the quickest installation in the industry as evidenced by the concurrent construction of the fill behind the wall.  Our efficient wall construction helps streamline delivery of building pads months ahead of schedule in comparison to constructing the wall as a separate operation.