Product Info

Timeless Beauty

Gain More Useable Land
No Poured Concrete
No Rebar
Backfill as You Build
No Rotting Wood

Competitive Advantages
Fully Plantable
Cost Effective
Easy Installation
Same Block Used For Footings, Face, Corners and Ends
Easy to Curve
No Harmful Chemicals
Lasts a Lifetime

The VERDURA® retaining wall system was created with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The name VERDURA® comes from VERdant (green with vegetation) combined with DURAbility. VERDURA® offers the opportunity to create “living walls”; providing the strength and function of a standard retaining wall plus the added ability to sustain live plantings. The blocks are made of low moisture absorbing concrete that will not deteriorate over time. A strong lip on the block interlocks the units, allowing for compaction right behind the blocks, and holding the soil inside the block.

Installation is quick and easy. No waiting for poured concrete to cure – VERDURA® allows the wall to be built as you backfill. The blocks are typically spaced apart to allow for planting, requiring fewer blocks per square foot compared to other wall systems. For edging, borders, or non-planted walls you can also butt up the blocks.