Product Info


Easier to install than interlocking concrete pavers!



Gain More Usable Land
More Permeable than Native Soil
Eliminate Storm Water Runoff
Reduce Heat Island Effect
Erosion Control

Competitive Advantages

Strength and Durability
Flexibility Without Memory
Performs in Extreme Climates
Superior Plantability
Large Voids – No Clogging
No Sharp Edges

Drivable Grass® is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system. The 2′ x 2′ mats are made of wet-cast concrete “muffins” connected by a grid, with holes to allow for water infiltration and root penetration. The polymer grid embedded in the mats allows them to flex and conform to uneven ground surfaces without coming apart.  The mats maintain the characteristics of a drivable, grassy surface while minimizing wheel rutting even when saturated. What makes Drivable Grass® different is its unique, lattice-style structure which allows vegetation, such as grass, to grow right through it, while providing a solid surface comparable to more common paving materials such as asphalt and poured concrete. The design also eliminates sharp edges common in other products, and won’t crack and break like rigid concrete or pop up like plastic.

Drivable Grass® offers a simple and reliable solution to storm water management. Its permeable properties enable precipitation to infiltrate into the underlying soils, thus increasing on-site storm water storage and minimizing runoff that goes to our oceans, rivers, streams and lakes, while not losing valuable site area. The Drivable Grass® area counts for required green space / permeable area and will reduce the Heat Island Effect (build up of heat on constructed surfaces) compared to asphalt and poured concrete.

This thin profile, permeable, and flexible concrete paving mat promotes superior root penetration and moisture containment beneath the product resulting in healthy turf. Unlike other products with cellular plantings in void spaces within the pavement field, Drivable Grass® develops a continuous root system below the mats, promoting healthy turf while minimizing moisture evaporation. Also, the design of the product limits infill and root compaction by concentrating the load on the concrete pads instead of large void spaces.

Drivable Grass® can be used in place of poured concrete, pavers, and asphalt for a wide variety of applications. In addition to driveways, other applications include boat and RV access/parking, golf cart paths, trail reinforcement and pet digging control, just to name a few. Drivable Grass® has also been tested for hydraulic performance in drainage channels. Its unique properties provide erosion control opportunity for V-ditches, drainage swales and other runoff areas. Whatever your project type, Drivable Grass® is the best solution to your permeable pavement design needs.