A variety of infill options are available for Drivable Grass®. Select the best option based on your project’s design and intended use.

Seeded turf grass is the most common infill used with Drivable Grass®. Typically it is a Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Rye mix for the north and a Bermuda hybrid, St. Augustine or Zoysia grass for the south. Check with your local seed provider and ask for a grass mix that handles traffic well.

Sod can be installed over the Drivable Grass® mats and will set roots through the product in just a few weeks. Sod is only recommended for areas that will receive infrequent vehicle traffic, such as utility access easements/fire lanes.


Ground Covers
Ground cover plants can be installed by seed, cuttings, plugs or small pots. Plants should be low growing, vigorous, non-woody and spreading. Like sod, ground cover plants should be used for areas that will receive infrequent vehicle and foot traffic applications.

DG_SandDecomposed Granite / Sand
Decomposed granite or sand-based materials can be used as an infill where the site is relatively flat. NOTE: Do not use limestone screenings or stone dust in cold climates or where drainage is desired.

Stone infill for Drivable Grass® should be sized “3/8-inch minus”. Crushed rock with sharp angles that help lock the stone in place is recommended for vehicular applications.

Drivable Turf®
Artificial turf offers a low maintenance alternative to conventional turf.