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The History

landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers The company started in 1987 with a license to landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers distribute Loffelstein block throughout Southern California, Arizona and Southern Nevada. The initial company name was Loffel landscape ideas with 6x6 timberss, Inc. After a brief experience with outsourcing the manufacturing of blocks, the first manufacturing plant was founded in the Southern California community of Perris. It consisted of a block machine installed under a canopy situated in a desert field. Construction equipment was rented and installation crews were inexperienced. Dedicated and talented construction crews were quickly formed, manufacturing equipment was refined and a business was developed.

Business mainly developed from landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers customers that landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers recognized owner Jan Erik Janssons integrity as a businessman, like the look of the elliptically shaped landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers face, appreciated the companies ability to complete projects on-time, understand the advantages and aesthetics of a plantable wall system and tolerated Janssons difficulties with the English language. Success was imminent!

Recognizing ways to improve upon the loffelstein landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers product, Jansson repeatedly modified it to more effectively fit various market segments. The evolved and improved products were patented and trademarked as Verdura® ("Verde" for green and "Dura" for durable) products. Continuing to manufacture and market both Verdura® and Loffelstein, the company name was changed in 1993 to Soil Retention, Inc.. The new name more accurately reflects its business direction. Several new products have been brought to the marketplace within the last few years.

Soil Retention
Family of Companies

Today, the multifaceted organization consists of Soil Retention Systems, Inc. as the construction and installation entity, Soil Retention Products, Inc. as the manufacturing and licensing arm, Soil Retention Designs Inc. as the engineering and design element, and Toy Rentals, Inc. which owns and rents manufacturing, transportation, and installation equipment.

The corporate office provides a base landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers from which Soil Retention can educate potential and existing customers through seminars and full size product displays. The corporate office is complete with private, secured parking areas, conference facilities, bar-b-que/patio area as well as a state of the art kitchen facility.

With intent on employee involvement, the facility has been developed as a place where employees can enjoy a positive and professional environment in which to work and socialize as well as a location that has room for expansion. The company takes an active role in the community by hosting professional and community events.

Soil Retention

Sol Retention Products, Inc. landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers (SRP) provides the manufacturing and associated functions for the Soil Retention family of companies. The Plant is situated on a 10 acre site to the I-215/74 interchange in Romoland (Riverside County), CA. It consists of a 45,0000 sq ft facility housing 5 block machines, curing area, quality control department, research and development lab, equipment production/maintenance shop and yard area where product reserves are maintained at high levels to serve customer needs on short notice.

Products manufactured by Soil Retention Products, Inc. are distributed via a sales network appropriate to the products being marketed. SRP employees involved in the marketing process include direct employees as well as manufacturers representatives located strategically within the marketing territory. Marketing is conducted via a wide variety of advertising methods to a diverse target market audience which includes general contractors, homeowners, design professionals, regulatory agencies, distribution outlets, local and national developers, and anyone that may use or affect the use of Soil Retention products.

Products manufactured at the facility include the full range of Verdura® fully plantable landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers products, Enviroflex® articulating concrete block (ACB) erosion control mattresses, Candura® landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers, and Drivable Grass™ plantable, flexible porous mats.

Soil landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers Retention

Providing installation services for the products that SRP manufactures is Soil Retention Systems, Inc. (SRS). A premier Southern California construction company, SRS is dedicated to contracting/installation excellence and has developed a reputation for its commitment to providing fast, efficient, and safe construction services. Having highly trained crews with long SRS employment careers and unique, automated, production efficient equipment designed to facilitate efficient installation of SRP products, SRS crews are well equipped and very professional.

Soil Retention Systems, landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers Inc. has provided construction services for some of the areas largest and most prestigious clients. Understanding that quality in construction provided in a timely and committed manner, major area developers have come to rely on Soil Retention Systems, Inc. to coordinate with the site grading operation to deliver finished products on time and within budget.

Soil Retention Systems, Inc. has now been in business for over 18 years, and installed over 7 million square feet without a failure.

Soil Retention

Soil Retention landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers Designs Inc. (SRD) provides design and technical services for the Building Industry. Specializing in reinforced soil structures. SRD also provides technical assistance for our Verdura Wall software to other design professionals.

Toy Rentals

Toy Rentals, Inc. provides manufacturing, transportation, landscape ideas with 6x6 timbers specialty devices, and construction equipment for the family of Soil Retention companies including licensees.


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